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Service in cloud

Maintenances and plants
managed and organized
wherever you are.

Service in cloud: what does it do?

The platform supports the technical assistance department in ordinary and extraordinary maintenances, on-call assistance, or plant monitoring interventions.

The software manages different types of intervention: the start-up of a new plant, the census during a maintenance intervention, which can be ordinary (scheduled), or extraordinary (requested due to a fault). The tool also provides a real-time system status, suggesting eventual optimization and updating interventions.

The cloud system allows technicians to have access to pieces of information through the supplied tablet “ready to use” at any time, while the central office manages online data in total safety.
The access to all information is managed according to a hierarchy of users, that can be customized and modulated, as necessary.

With Service in cloud, it is possible to control information relating to the equipment of various plants, organizing them in a specific and useful way and facilitating their archiving, research and sharing.

Quick and simple maintenances and interventions ...

Service in cloud is a cloud platform that guarantees safety and availability of information at any time and allows to manage everything about equipment and plants, interventions, and related documents in a precise and safe way.

The office gets the call from a customer, the technician, or automatically detected by the system and enters the requests in the application, sending them to the cloud, where they will be filed in order to be easily managed.

The technician receives all the details necessary to complete the maintenance directly on his device, where he can see all the technical specifications of the system, all the previous interventions, and other useful pieces of information. After completing the intervention, the technician can close the received report.

The office receives all the documents made by the technician and sent to the customer, it verifies what the operator has done and prepares the accounting documents.